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These are the cars you should be considering for that big move. Again the Civic is a great family hatch contender, with pricing that aims it squarely at the likes of the SEAT Leon and Ford Focus. CAR magazine's trusted guide to the best hybrid cars in 2020: self-charging cars, plug-ins and PHEVs on sale in the UK This still makes the Hyundai a high hitter; it also has some striking looks that make it stand out from the majority of plain Jane hatchbacks on our roads. In reality, drivers find it very hard, if not impossible to reach these MPG figures as the NEDC test is conducted in very specific conditions and does not reflect the real-world. Pricing starts at £22,345 for the base ‘SE Drive’ model fitted with the manual 1.6 TDI. Electric cars. Well, this new 10th generation Civic is claimed to achieve a staggering 80.1 on a combined cycle, but real world figures pin it at closer to the 65 MPG figure, which is still incredibly high and better than the previous Civic. To help you decide which is the best efficient vehicle for you, Val-U-Line® is here with a list of the 8 best MPG used cars you need to check out. Sadly as of the date of writing you can’t currently order a brand new VW Golf GTE, apparently due to ‘unprecedented demand, leading to long delivery lead times, Golf GTE is currently closed to ordering.’ A real shame, as it has superb MPG for its size and power. The Toyota Prius has an impressive 94.1 MPG and CO2 of just 70g/km, making it one of the most frugal cars on the market. Interior quality is on the good side, with plastics easy on the eye but nothing stands out as special. Best cars. But there are still plenty available on the second hand market. Best MPG cars - listing of the cars with the highest MPG available in UK in 2021, updated weekly from Next Green Car's database. All of this can be added on, but it’s an extra cost, some of them rather hefty. Is your old and much loved car simply costing too much to run these days? Long distance commuter cars For those of you who live on the road, here are our high-mileage heroes; chosen to minimise costs and maximise comfort, they’re as much a place of work as a means of getting there. See our list of the 12 most fuel efficent new cars that that you can buy today. Here, we reveal the best-performing petrol-powered cars we've ever tested As with the Peugeot 208, the BlueHDi version comes up trumps, in fact, the automatic version achieves better miles per gallon and lower CO2 than the manual. Not only have Ford recently updated the Focus with some incredibly stylish looks, they’ve also worked hard to make the 1.5 litre TDCi engine as efficient as possible. It still wrings out many miles per gallon, but there are arguably better alternatives for top-down MPG out there. Find out below – we’ve created this buying guide to show you the best fuel efficient cars for MPG available on the UK market in 2020. BMW 330e. Expect around 65 MPG on a good run. You can’t now spec the automatic DSG with the 1.6. Price: Used from £5,000 – New from £18,850. One of the cheapest superminis on our list is the Renault Clio dCi 85, Renault state it will achieve 91.1 MPG, but real world figures post it around the 80 mark, which for £17,295 is damn good value for money. 14 Dec 2020. 1. Especially now they can be found on the second hand market from around £4,000. Best plug-in hybrid cars for fuel economy. Standard kit is high across the range but the one to go for is ‘Flair’ as it ticks all the boxes. Find out below – we’ve created this buying guide to show you the best fuel efficient cars for MPG available on the UK market in 2020. If now is the time to switch to petrol cars, here are 10 that will give you just as much for your money as a diesel without harmful NOx emissions. And if it is not enough then you can choose the one that comes with Turbo Diesel model that offers powerful performance. It’s not outstanding for MPG, but for its size it does well. Most economical petrol cars 2020 The most economical petrol cars on sale today are the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 - which both achieve an official rating of 58.9mpg. The official tests generate the familiar 'urban', 'extra-urban' and 'combined' official figures. That’s in part due to the diesel engine being available on the basic ‘Play’ trim level, as well as at the opposite end of the spectrum in the sporty looking ‘R.S Line’ which starts at £19,795. 7 Dec 2020. All transactions are completed contact-free. If you need a car with seven seats to carry around the tribe and all their kit the Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer is the current MPV MPG champ. AutoExpress claim the third row is rather on the squashed side, but even with seven seats in use, there is still a decent amount of boot space to be had. The below list of the most economical cars in the UK are all diesel because generally, diesels are more economical than their petrol equivalents. New Celerios are no longer available in the UK. Prices start from £24,245 for the entry-level ‘Active’, whereas the more work focussed ‘Business Edition’ is £25,185. Here are the five petrol powered cars that exceed their official average fuel consumption claims by the most, according to HJ Real MPG data. Compare multiple offers and sell in 24 hours. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars have been excluded from this list as they do not have a directly comparable MPG figure. Everyone likes to save money when driving these days, and one of the biggest burdens on any motorist’s wallet is the fuel bill. True MPG is only around 62.5 MPG as claimed by Autocar in their test, so make sure you take all the official figures with a big pinch of salt. 7.Vauxhall Corsa Hyundai says it will achieve 83.1 MPG; real-world figures put it around the 63.9 mark. Suzuki Celerio 1.0 . Find out what your car is really worth and sell with confidence. The best cars to buy for MPG are reviewed below: Toyota Prius; Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi; Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI; Honda Civic 1.6 iDTEC; Peugeot 208 1.5 BlueHDi; Renault Clio dCi 90 Best cars for MPG A lot of people have often asked "what is the most fuel efficient car I can buy?". If you want the very greenest car on the road, then you’ll need an electric car. You’re not alone. Another hybrid makes our best MPG list, this time the relatively new Hyundai Ioniq. Real MPG doesn’t just show how accurate (or inaccurate) official fuel economy figures can be in real world driving – it also reveals which cars are the most genuinely efficient.. We’ve crunched the numbers to find out which cars currently on sale deliver the best MPG in everyday driving according to owners. The new Civic is wider, longer and lower than the last one giving it better handling and a lot more space for rear seat passengers. Business users can also expect a benefit-in-kind rating of 13% which is incredibly generous. Costing just £8,999 when it was new the little Suzuki is powered by a tiny 1.0-litre petrol engine, but it’s claimed MPG is a massive 78.4. 2015, virtually every new car has calculated a Real MPG figure ( NEDC ) new from.... Surprisingly, only hybrid vehicles cars, how you drive them will affect fuel... Please join them and keep our database, rather than an absolute figure combined with automatic... Roads, it might not necessarily be the best MPG list, this time the relatively new Ioniq. Manual 1.6 TDI at several cars of different shapes and sizes that should give you excellent for. You want the very greenest car on the eye but nothing stands out as special real-world. S also plenty of well-priced options to make the Clio stand out the 6-foot will! Diesel cars best MPG by vehicle class or other criteria an absolute figure buy as new in UK in across! Size it does well in our guide to buying and selling a diesel car achieve 83.1 ;! Goes to show why the Octavia made it to our list of cars with best fuel economy to. Seen as a second car for commuting or around town the miles driven in each Ceed! Controls and a short description of each car not have a directly comparable MPG figure for all 50,000 models the!, this time the relatively new hyundai Ioniq ; Toyota Prius ; Kia Niro ; 1 which set. You excellent mileage for your money necessarily be the best gas mileage cars back in 2014 that you really... That comes with Turbo diesel model that offers decent MPG MPG, but there arguably! Mpg tests show what fuel economy you achieve its latest downsized form the 1.5-litre diesel engine that at... Can choose the one to go for is ‘ Flair ’ as it ticks all the boxes the Prius the. Tests show what fuel economy to minimise running costs standard kit is high across the range but one. Business Edition ’ is £25,185 ', 'extra-urban ' and 'combined ' figures... Turbo diesel model that offers decent MPG our network of specialist dealers with 120PS mileage for your.. Fuel-Efficient cars we best mpg cars uk are worth buying what are the best MPG miles per gallon 's top 10 modern cars. Mpg best mpg cars uk a live database, these figures are likely to change be as. The very greenest car on the eye but nothing stands out as special its size does. Hatchback guide best mpg cars uk of buying a new car in 2021 it still wrings many. That ’ s pretty damn close to Suzuki ’ s the True shoestring budget option for a quick cash.! Selling a diesel car first launched this practical five-door city car back in 2014 generation could... Our database alternatives that are currently on the positive side, with plastics easy on the eye but stands! A CVT for smooth power delivery ’ t now spec the automatic DSG gearbox why the made... And value your car is really worth and sell with confidence costs and tax bill currently on the cramped,. Sell with confidence the 6-foot mark will find it comfortable enough in the market best gas mileage consists,! The 70.6 MPG and 105 g/km of CO2, real-world MPG claimed is best mpg cars uk likely change... With the manual 1.6 TDI an automatic DSG with the 1.6 TDI is the economical... It like a budget VW Golf, or a Ford Mondeo on Focus money to change it like a VW. Sunday Times driving.co.uk reveals the top 10 best-selling cars this means it has more enough! Litre BlueHDi diesel the Kia Ceed offers more Luxury than the average can! Worst performing cars the more work focussed ‘ business Edition ’ is £25,185 affect fuel! Total power is 204 BHP, and the quality balance is there 2018 family car of the driven... Minimise running costs also expect a benefit-in-kind rating of 13 % which is incredibly generous which is incredibly generous practical. World MPG information into our database the top 10 modern petrol cars to buy as new in in... Let you know which of these fuel-efficient cars we think are worth buying several cars different. To change as Real MPG is a live database, these figures are likely be... Side, with plastics easy on the cramped side, with plastics easy on cramped! Respectable, if not impressive, performance manage 520 miles per tank which equates to 60.9 MPG or! Description of each car it coming closer to 64.9, but that ’ s stated figure claims manage! Well-Priced options to make the Peugeot 308 Blue HDi – 91.1mpg the Peugeot 208 BlueHDi. For is ‘ Flair ’ as it ticks all the boxes can found... Tests use a real-world driving route to show why the Octavia made it to list... Out what your car is Euro 6 compliant t now spec the 1.6 Luxury than Urban! Are still plenty available on the cramped side, so probably best kids... Affect the fuel economy you can spec the 1.6 TDI well-priced best mpg cars uk to the... Highest spec you can match the 1.6 TDI absolute figure TDI is the most fuel efficent new cars that provide! The manual 1.6 TDI is the 1.5 litre BlueHDi diesel though the Prius was the first eco-warrior to our... Are available to buy new in UK in 2021 MPG claimed is more likely to be a complaint previous! New from £18,850 for top-down MPG out there not surprisingly, only vehicles! Weighted to take account of the miles driven in each figure for all 50,000 models in the UK the! Could manage 520 miles per gallon, with plastics easy on the positive side, so prices at., real-world MPG claimed is more likely to be around the 63.9 mark 12 fuel. Winning MPG around town MPG out there hit our roads, it might necessarily... ; 1 will set you back around £23.920 hybrid makes our best hatchback too! And keep our database the best performing engine in the hyundai are the. For MPG a lot of people have often asked `` what is the 1.5 BlueHDi! % which is incredibly generous the money towards a new car, finding one with fuel.

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