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Resources & information. OD means once daily. Medical Terminology Unit 15 Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, and Medical Specialties Ophthalm/o = Eye ... ou PERRLA T 3, T 4 TIA TSH Right eye (oculus dexter) Doctor of optometry Left eye (oculus sinister) Both eyes (oculus uterque) Pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accomodation He joined the YO Info editorial board in 2016. Long-term care hospitals. About the author: Jason D. Rupp, MD, is a glaucoma and advanced anterior segment surgeon in private practice at Clarus Vision Clinic in Salt Lake City. The main discussion of these abbreviations in the context of drug prescriptions and other medical prescriptions is at List of abbreviations used in medical prescriptions.Some of these abbreviations are best not used, as marked and explained here. one.ou.edu Office of the Registrar / Academic Calendars Any calendar is subject to change when it is determined to be in the best interest of the University to do so. - After meals p.o. Looking for medical supplies and equipment? Check out important things to consider when choosing a provider. These abbreviations are used while prescribing drugs to a patient and these indicate how many times the particular medicine is supposed to be taken in a day. Open Enrollment was the same schedule for all campuses this year: October 26 - November 6. The plan design for medical insurance for 2021 is the same for all three campuses. Visit the Supplier Directory. Gonio 4+ open OU Gonioscopic exam M&N OU @0947 Mydriacyl and neosynephrine put in at 0947 Lenses and vitreous clear (90D) C/D: 0.32 / 0.8 x 0.9 (The cup-to-disc ratio, horizontal and vertical) (90D = 90 diopter lens used with the slit lamp) Macula and vessels normal OU Indirect normal OU Assessment: A) Open angle glaucoma OS (assessment) Plan: Dr. Rupp completed his residency and fellowship training at Washington University in St. Louis. Dialysis facilities . Learn more about this tool and what it can do for you. - By mouth p.p. A $7.5 million leadership gift from Jim and Christy Everest and the E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation will endow a world-class chief of pediatric hematology/oncology at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Children in partnership with OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center. About this tool. q2h – every two hours) qds/qid Tips & Resources. Possible OU meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category. OU - Both eyes oculus uterque p.c. Your eyeglass prescription also may have a column labeled "OU." Term Description (notes) A.d. As directed bd/bid Twice a day gt One drop gtt drops GSL General sales list Gutt/g Guttae (drops) Meds Medications Nocte/QHS At night Occ Ointment od/QD Once a day otc Over the counter (bought medication) P Pharmacy (drug) POM Prescription-only medicine prn When required q Every (e.g. So take that med 1 time a day. The healthcare field is full of technical terminology, including a number of medical abbreviations that are used to complete patient charts, write prescriptions, communicate general needs and bill for services.Being able to access a medical abbreviation list can … Please look for them carefully. BD means bi - daily. This website covers plan and rate information for OU employees in Norman and Health Sciences Center (HSC) programs. OU Stands For: All acronyms (69) Airports & Locations (2) Business & Finance (2) Common (7) Government & Military (3) Medicine & Science (13) Chat & Sub Cultures (3) Education Schools (12) Technology, IT etc. This is the abbreviation for the Latin term oculus uterque, which means "both eyes." (6)

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